How many crimes and burglary has happened in Austin

burglary in austin

How many crimes happened in Austin?

According to the Austin police, €œburglaries at this area cost residents over 1.3 million per year in loss of property alone.€ Statistically a majority of burglars are adolescent males who live just a few miles from you. Is it a scary information? well, if we will compare this information to other towns or cities it is fine and every each of us can handle that in the right way.

How reduce the possibility of being burglarized?

  1. Close the door We know it is kinda funny thing to say but apparently many people in Austin are live with this feeling that everything is just fine and nothing will happen because nothing had happened yet. you’re right – yet. Don’t forget to close the garage as well.
  2. Use timers for lights inside your house – It gives the feeling some one at home, and it increases the chance your home will be passed by robber.
  3. Install motion sensitive lights outside –  is a great way to scare burglars away. It gives the feeling someone at home.
  4. Install secure lock – Professional Austin Locksmith can assist with this kind of evaluation. This professionals have seen everything and they knows what works and what doesn’t.



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