Official Facebook page

Austin Facebook page

Why open a Facebook page at all? Because every business place should doing it. No, actually i am joking. A page on Facebook is a different place to be from everything else. Facebook has a different spirit, and we are ready to take this spirit and lock it and unlocking and then lock it again.

Social Austin locking news

Well, i think the title says everything. This is exactly what going to be our target with our Austin locksmith Facebook page. Bringing all Austin social locksmith’s news.

We’re all slaves of Zuckerberg

If you living in Austin (or not) and you have some fresh news about burglars, locks, or some locksmith interesting story, or anything with Austin / lock / social, feel your self free to join Austin-locksmith official Facebook, and post it on the wall. If it wont be you it will be

we're all slaves of zuckerberg official Facebook page



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