Tricks and Locksmith tips

On this category we will bring to you all the best tricks and tips of all the Locksmith World.

Think you have the right skills to do it yourself? well, this is the right place for you.

Just remember one thing – this job is not for everyone. If you got stuck or it’s to complicated job for you, remember you have always who to call:


How do I open a Kryptonite lock?kryptonite lock

Solution number 1 – If you registered your lock, call or write Kryptonite for a new key.  Or call a local locksmith, they should be able to pick and re-key the lock for you.

Solution number 2 – Get a car jack and jack it apart. Careful, otherwise it is very possible that you’ll damage the bike.

Solution number 3 – Use a cut-off wheel in a Dremel tool to cut the lock at the hole in the shackle (where there is the least to cut).

Solution number 4 – If it doesn’t have the newer brass jacket, peel back the plastic coating on the key end, drill out the pin that holds in the cylinder, remove the cylinder, open.

Solution number 5 – Chill the metal of the “U” with liquid Nitrogen or Freon, smash with hammer.  While this is a “well known” method, it may be an urban legend.


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